How Poor-Fitting of Bearings May Cost You- Bearing Mounting and Dismounting


Bearings are high precision parts. As such, improper handling will lead to premature bearing failure. Care should be taken in handling bearings during installation.

According to SKF and, 16% of all premature bearing failures come from poor or improper fitting and mounting, for example, using brute force.

This is a startling statistic, especially when this is a problem that can be easily avoided through proper education and basic training.

Image shows a chart on the causes of bearing premature failure

Improper mounting is usually caused by improper installation of the mounting. Usually, the correct way is to mount a bearing with a press fit on the rotating ring.

Other common mistakes during mounting include:

  • Using brute force (ie. applying pressure or blows to the outer race) to mount bearings on the shaft
  • Pressing on the inner ring to mount bearings into a housing
  • Incorrectly sized shafts or housings (ie. too loose or too tight)

These mistakes may cause the following: Denting, cracked rings, premature wear, early fatigue and eventually premature failure of the bearings.

Bearings should be assembled in a clean working environment to ensure no contaminant entry. Proper tools and correct procedure should be utilised. This is important to prolong the bearing life cycle.

As an authorized distributor of SKF, SLS can offer a wide range of mechanical tools and hydraulically-assisted bearing pullers for both mounting and dismounting.

TMFT 36 bearing fitting kit

SKF TMFT 36 (Bearing Fitting Tool kit)


SKF Hydralic pump (Drive-up method)

SKF Drive-Up Method (using Hydraulic Pump)

SKF THGD 100 (digiral oil pressure gauge)

THGD 100 (Digital Oil Pressure Gauge)

The precise tools and procedure required to install a bearing vary with its size, type, speed, application and industry. Our experienced engineers will work with you through professional consultation and recommendations for proper mounting and dismounting to extend your machine uptime.


Having doubts about your the installation procedure for your bearings?

SLSPro offers specialised on-site services and supervision to ensure proper installation procedures are carried out with the correct tools and equipment. Click below to book a consultation time with one of our expert engineers to discuss about bearings installation and its maintenance processes.

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