SLS Petaling Jaya Customer Day (27 June 2018)

 SLS Petaling Jaya (PJ), Malaysia hosted its Customer Day on 27 June 2018, with over 70 customers from a range of industries such as manufacturing, cement, and construction attending the event. The objective of the event was to cater to our customers' needs, which was to provide them with more in-depth understanding about our products and solutions. Our brand partner SKF also took this opportunity to share their knowledge about digitalization and the introduction to Industrial 4.0. The program agenda also included live demo of other products.

The event started with a welcome speech by Ms. Regina Tan, the Sales and Marketing Director of SLS PJ, who highlighted the importance of building great relationship with customers and partners as well as introducing other products offered by SLS, such as power transmission tools, hydraulic tools, bolts and nuts.

Image shows SLS Malaysia Sales & Marketing Director, Ms Regina Tan delivering a welcome speech to customers

Next was Mr. Anders Fogelberg, the Managing Director of SKF Malaysia, delivered a key message about digitalization; as the world is changing, solving problems with just manpower is no longer possible and it is only with digitalized, optimized processes and systems that unnecessary downtime could be prevented. Mr. Anders also stated that SKF would be working closely with SLS in digitalization.

Image shows SKF Malaysia Managing Director, Mr. Anders Fogelberg delivering his key note address to customers

Following Mr. Anders' speech, the Head of Service and Solution at SKF, Mr. Kumarasivam Jagathesan presented the customers with the topic on Industrial 4.0 and Digitalization. In the presentation, customers were able to understand the evolution of the four Industrial Revolutions and learned more about Internet of Things (IoT) in Industrial 4.0 whereby "smart" factories are being developed and more key decisions are being made autonomously through Machine Learning. Mr. Kumarasivam also stated the importance of Predictive Technology where performance and quality are two critical elements to achieve success in any business operation. Lastly, he emphasized that digitalization must simplify what we do on a day-to-day basis.

Succeeding the presentation was a real-time vibration analysis demo featuring SKF's Rotor Drive. Incorporating IoT technology, the condition of the machine could be monitored anytime and anywhere as long as internet access is provided. The demo showed how the vibration sensors continuously picked up vibration readings as well as the speed of the machine, data that are important to assess the health of the machine. These readings were then captured to conduct further analysis. With cloud technology, these data can be stored on the PC or the cloud and accessed through various devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptops.   

Image shows n SKF engineer showing customers a live demo of SKF products

During the tea break, customers took this time to visit the booths that showcase a range of products such as SKF Speedi Sleeves and power transmission tools. It also provided customers with a great opportunity to meet with SLS and SKF representatives to find out more information about the services and products. 

Image shows two SLS staff introducing a product to a customer

Image shows an SLS staff interacting with a customer at the product booth

Next in the program, customers were taken on a tour to visit the warehouse. With this tour, customers were able to have a deeper understanding about the operation of the warehouse system and its processes. The second visitation was the Enerpac Service Centre, where customers could get a hands-on experience trying out the different hydraulic tools offered by Enerpac. A bolts and nuts station was also set up for customers to learn more about the products. 

Image shows an Enerpac engineer conducting a live demo of hydraulic tools to a group of customers

The final destination of the day was visiting the SLS Mapro van, Demonstrated by our experienced engineer, Mr. Mangal Singh, he introduced customers to the different SKF products and demonstrated how these tools would help them with their operation.

Image shows SLS engineer Mr. Mangal Singh introducing SKF Mapro products to a group of customers

Through the hard work and efforts of the staff involved in this year's Customer Day, the event was a success. The main take-away with customers is that they are able to have more insight about today's technology and acknowledged the necessity to implement digitalization in their organisation as well as knowing more about products and tools that are able to benefit their business operation. Moreover, our customers were also able to gain better product and technical knowledge through presentations by experts and interactive sessions during Customer Day.

We thank our customers for inspiring us to keep moving forward and we will continuously create advantage for our customer success.

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by SLS on July 13, 2018

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