Split Roller Bearings: Stronger than Ever

The split roller bearings technology always come up with new ways to improve on its bearing performance. Previously, we've introduced the standard split roller bearings, a cost-cutting solution with longer bearing life and how they can be your big advantage.

There is also another type of split roller bearings- the E-series that have been carefully re-designed to bring more benefits that enable your machinery to reach its full potential.

Perhaps the most popular of all the bearings series, the first type of E-series bearings can handle the majority load and speed conditions met with propulsion shafts. In other words, it is suitable for medium-duty application.

On the other hand, the latter series is designed to be more "rugged" as it is used in more demanding applications, where it is often found in the "locating" bearing positions and heavier shafting.

In comparison to other split roller bearings, the E-series bearings have larger rollers as well as robust brass cages and they still provide the same superior sealing and energy efficiency with the identical exterior dimensions.

The benefits of the E-series bearings pack a punch:

Greater Load Capacity

Having higher load capacity than any other split roller bearings of similar size, these re-designed bearings are able to provide up to 29% more radial capacity and 16% and 90& more axial load capacity, depending on the size. Furthermore, no changes are required to the housing, cartridge or shaft.

Less Downtime, Longer L10 Life

Machinery breakdown during operation is extremely costly, and most of the time they are due to premature bearing failure, leading to significantly increased downtime. The E-series is completely split to the shaft, an innovative feature whereby there is no need to dismount components on the shafts (e.g. pulleys, gearboxes...etc.), in which reduces downtime considerably. Their extended L10 life converts to even more up-time, with greater than ever intervals between replacements, with 23% to 135% longer L10 life.

Take it up a notch with the E-series

The E-series are indeed true performers; with greater load capacity and longer L10 life, they allow your machinery to maximise its capabilities and achieve optimal performance.

They are available in bore size from 6-7/16 inches to 12 inches (160mm-300mm), with factory-set clearance whereby no specialist fitting tools are required.

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by SLS on March 12, 2019

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