Why Automatic Lubrication Systems Are a Must on Today's Machinery?



In our previous post, we've talked about the importance of lubrication and the different ways of lubrication as well as how sound lubrication practice saves money.

To succeed in a competitive marketplace, machinery is pushed to its maximum productivity level. This trend in output production makes protecting your machinery absolutely vital. This is where an Automated Lubrication System (ALS) comes in.

For our second installment, here is a guide to the reasons why Automatic Centralized Lubrication Systems are a "must" on today's machinery:

1. Reduces Repairs

Lubrication is necessary to maintaining bearings life. The ALS is designed to improve bearing life by applying small measured amounts of lubricant more often, which helps to achieve and maintain at the optimal level of lubrication. As a result, it reduces repairs and ensures operation efficiency with minimizing wear and tear.  

2. Prevents Waste of Lubricant

Too much lubrication could contribute to premature bearing failure. Therefore, it is important to use the exact amounts of lubricants and controlling the amounts of lubricants to bearings. The ALS avoids over-lubrication by dispensing precise amounts of lubricants, reducing the amount of grease/lubricant wastage. The ALS also keeps the work area clean, preventing spillage of grease/lubricants and avoids unnecessary accidents. 

Image shows the dispense tool of grease or lubricant on an Automatic Lubrication System

The ALS design: Dispense precise amount of grease/lubricant to prevent waste and spillage


3. Eliminates Machine Downtime

Machinery breakdowns pose a headache to many, as it leads to an increase in machine downtime an ultimately resulting in an overall loss of production. The ALS technology is able to relieve this costly problem as it minimizes unplanned downtime and increase machine availability, leading to maximized production and profit.


4. Enhanced Safety

Hazard is a primary concern for many and in manual lubrication, one would have to climb over, under or around the machine to apply lubrication and this poses a hazardous risk. Safety should be the top priority when handling equipment. With this in mind, the ALS eliminates the need to climb on, over and under inaccessible bearings due to gas, fumes or height.

Image shows a man crouching in front of a lubrication system

Safety in mind: The ALS ensures that humans are prevented from performing dangerous tasks


5. Reduces Man-Hours

With the ALS in place, labor hours are reduced by eliminating manual lubrication. The ALS also allows top up of grease or lubricant as part of its schedule maintenance and eliminates shutting down of operation for regular multiple grease points.


6. Better Housekeeping

The ALS comes with a closed, sealed system that eliminates spillage. This way, the machines remain cleaner and reduces the chance of over greasing or lubrication causing spills.

Image shows an SKF closed, sealed lubrication system

A closed, sealed system of the ALS to prevent spillage


7. Promotes More Efficient Lubrication 

Especially in critical operations, it is essential that equipment is always running. In manual lubrication, it is impossible to carry out a task as it presents a hazardous risk. Being fully automated, the ALS is able to lubricate while the machine is running and devliers the right lubricant, in the right amount, at the right time.

Download the rest of our guide: "15 Reasons why Automatic Centralized Lubrication Systems (ALS) Are a "Must" on Today's Machinery" here.

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